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55th Anniversary  1964 - 2019

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Like to become a member of the club? Want to get involved? Want to know how to go about it? 

Well, you are on the right page! By now, you will have looked at some of the activities that the club gets up to. If not, browse through some of the pages and see for yourself! Hundreds of Photos show a feast of fun times and look at the Events Page to see what we have lined up for the new season

Still interested? ............. Good, so now you want to know how much it costs.

Single membership from 1st February 2019 costs the princely sum of 28.50 per annum. Family membership hikes it up to 42.00 but that gets the whole family aboard! There is also an initial cost, as a one off payment, of 50.00 which is put down as a joining fee. All in all, it's not a lot for what you get!

No, you don't have to be a boat owner to be a member, just have an interest in boating. The only other criteria is that you join in. Both with the social activities and also with any help possible. Don't let it put you off, 'cos the work parties can be great fun too.

So, how do you join? Come along to the clubhouse on a Sunday afternoon when we are open (opening times on our home page) where you will be able to pick up a membership form and meet members. There's tea and coffee, soft drinks and the odd cake to be had too! Alternately, you can contact our Membership Secretary Sheila Howard at click hereor email

Sheila Howard

What's stopping you? 

If you cannot get to the Clubhouse to collect a form you can download it here (both parts required) and bring them with you on the last Sunday of the month so that we can meet you and give you information on our club prior to you submitting your application. If you could let us know that you will be visiting us so that we can arrange a time for someone to greet you.
Don't forget to bring a passport size photo of all applicants who are over 18 when you apply.

click here for Membership form Part 1

click here for Membership form Part 2


A busy club on the River Great Stour