Grove Ferry Boat Club
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55th Anniversary  1964 - 2019



The 2 photos below were taken from virtually the same spot

We seem to have touched bottom but we will be off in a second.

Whoops perhaps we may be here slightly longer than first thought

No harm done, she was successfully refloated 2 days later

Where was the local information on safe moorings when you needed it !!

Her Name is Peace

It's no use hiding. We can see you

All the crew got off safely but have now one leg shorter than the other At least the girls had an extended shopping trip in to Sandwich


Even the most experienced of us can have problems at times! Shortly AFTER high water on Monday 28th April this boat attempted to leave Ramsgate Royal Harbour. She went hard aground!

Her Name is H.M. Bark Endeavour

4 Tugs/ launches could not pull her off the bank

and 4 hours later. She eventually got off on Tuesday Morning!


A busy club on the River Great Stour